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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Tree Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes

January 13th 2010

Present: Mary Lou Jennings, Jack Kelly (Park & Recreation Board Liaison),
Helen Marcarelli, Elsie Mueller, Joyce Prentis, Joe Parsio


Treasury Report: Monies were used for the volunteer lunch for the Baltimore Avenue Corridor Project on Saturday November 21st and for mulch. The Tree Board was given a budget of $3,000 for 2010. The tree Board spends approximately $2 per resident of the borough.

Minutes: There are no minutes for the December meeting. Since most of the Board was sick there was no official meeting on December 9th.

Old Business:

Baltimore Corridor Project: Feedback was given on the Saturday November 21st planting. The room for the lunch was too crowded. The Board discussed alternatives to that room for lunch, Dunkin Donuts or maybe WaWa hoagies. Dunkin Donuts had provided the coffee at the beginning of the day free. The Board discussed possibly t-shirts given out instead of lunch.

New Business:

Berkley & Rigby Streets – tree top chopped off. Also damage to the newly planted tree at the laundromat.

Tree City & Tree Growth – Betsy is handling.

Spring Resident Tree Planting – Delivery will be in March. The order must be placed by January 29th. We need to know how many trees to order. Minimum order is ten, maximum order is 40 trees. $35 per tree with ties and 2 stakes but will be given away to residents free. The trees will be bare root and ML had a list of a very good assortment of trees available. Most will weigh 20-35 lbs. and heights will get between 30 ft (small) to over 50 ft (large). The Board discussed the placement of other trees that might be extra, such as a spot at the firehouse, the parking lot at Essex near the school, and the Presbyterian Church grounds. Tree Vitalize does not offer evergreens. ML will check out the trees offered on the list and pick 20. We will advertize the giveaway on the website.

Baltimore Avenue Project – Delivery will probably be in April. The pits were already dug. Upper Darby will need to publicize the planting better to get enough volunteers.
ML brought crackers and homemade crab apple jelly to the meeting to share with the board.

Community Gardening – Board discussed a community gardening project in Lansdowne and where it could take place, possibly in one of the pocket parks or one of the empty lots.

Tree Tender Training – There will be new Tree Tender training in the Spring in Delaware County at the Lanarch Presbyterian Church.

Minutes – Board wondered about the minutes being placed on the Borough website each month. ML will ask.

Next Meeting: Wednesday February 10th

Meeting Adjourned: 8:15PM

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