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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Tree Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2011

Mary Lou Jennings, Jack Kelly (Park & Recreation Board Liaison), Helen Marcarelli, Elsie Mueller, Joe Parsio, Joyce Prentis, Erica Sollberger (Director, Parks & Recreation)


Treasury Report
Board starts the year with its annual budget of $3000 and an additional $200 donation from Wildman Arms.

The minutes from the December 8th, 2010 meeting were read and approved. There was no meeting for January.

Old Business

Arbor Day: M.L. discussed having an Arbor Day program Friday, April 29th at 7PM in the evening in Sycamore Park. The board discussed Jennie Avila, the folk song writer who wrote a song about the sycamore tree and performed it at the Lansdowne Arts Festival. They also mentioned Noah Lewis who portrayed the black Revolutionary War hero Edward “Ned” Hector from last year’s program.

Sycamore Restaurant will donate a gift card and possibly a money off offer towards drinks if the customer has the Arbor Day Program.

Spring Tree Planting Project: The next planting will be Saturday April 9th. Trees will arrive April 7th and be picked up the 8th. The Board discussed the types of trees to go along Plumstead Ave. below Walsh and Baker leading into Marshall Rd. Board discussed the number of trees being planted in front of Line Sportswear, Pantry Food Mart, Pepper Pharmacy, etc.

The Board will pay for the dirt and the mulch, the Borough will dig the holes. ML and Erica will walk the route Thursday the 10th to check what type trees will go where and what would be the best place for the staging area and for the trees to be held overnight before the planting. Helen had a list of trees requested by residents. The Board looked at the Spring 2011 Bare Root Tree Selection list and decided on a possible 40 trees total for Plumstead, the parks and the residents.

5 Kousa dogwoods (residents)
2 Prairifire Crabapples (Belmont Park)
1 Snowdrift Crabapple (Belmont Park)
6 Autumn Blaze Maples
6 Red Sunset Red Maples
6 Sunburst Thornless Honeylocusts
2 Japanese Zelkovas

Ardmore Avenue School: M.L. mentioned again that the planners of the Ardmore Ave. School project would like some Tree Vitalize trees from the Spring 2011 program.

New Business

Upper Darby/Lansdowne Rotary Club: At the Rotary Club meeting ML was honored with the Mayor’s Service Award for her part in the Baltimore Ave. Tree Planting.

Entranceway to Lansdowne: Board again discussed the triangle leading into Lansdowne at Marshall and Plumstead. The Board discussed putting plantings that would require no maintenance like the triangle done at the intersection of routes 320 and 30.

Darby Creek Cleanup: Jack mentioned that the Darby Creek Cleanup would be Saturday, April 30th and all were welcome to help.

Next Meeting
The Next meeting will be Wednesday March 9th , 2011.

Meeting Adjourned

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