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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Planning Commission
Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2010

Attendees: Amy Floresta, Bob Bartmann, Bill Smith, Marie-Louise Faber

Guests: Mike Jozwiak


Item or Issue







Approval of Minutes Not available; deferred to next meeting
110 South Wycombe Avenue Mr. Jozwiak reported that the applicant has not submitted final plans, though they have been completed. The extension for final approval runs out on June 13. Another extension is expected.
111 South Wycombe Avenue Mr. Jozwiak reported that the Engineer’s response is pending.
24-48 West Baltimore Avenue Mr. Jozwiak reported that a proposal for renovating the larger retail building in the Lansdowne Shopping Center for Bottom Dollar Food has been presented to the Zoning Board of Appeals. The relief sought is to permit a single tenant space in excess of 10,000 square feet. The new store will total approximately 18,000 square feet.

Bottom Dollar is affiliated with Food Lion and Hannaford supermarkets. RBS Development LLC proposes to purchase the building from Joe Riggs. Mr. Riggs will retain ownership of the site and the smaller retail building. The dry cleaner, which is the only present tenant in the larger building, will relocate to a vacant space in the smaller building.

Borough Council has requested the following concessions from the developer:

  • Re-skin public facades of the entire center (both buildings including Lansdowne Avenue frontage).
  • Sitework and landscaping.
  • Consult with Planning Commission for traffic flow input.

At the ZBA public hearing the primary concern of attendees was traffic and service issues. ZBA will render a decision within 30 days. A site plan was not available for review. A traffic study is not required. The project will be submitted to the Planning Commission for consideration at the next meeting.

Upcoming Projects Mr. Jozwiak reported on the following upcoming projects:

  • Ardmore Avenue School expansion ($15M construction cost)
  • 20 Lansdowne Court Art Gallery / apartment
  • Hoff Communications Arts Space
Bike Path Update Ms. Floresta reported that Bike Path plans will be available for public input at an upcoming Farmers’ Market. This feedback will be incorporated in a report to Borough Council.
Announcements Ms. Floresta reported that Borough Council has reduced LPC membership from 7 to 5. There are no vacancies.
Planning Commission Goals The Goals and Vision statements and the Consolidated Action List developed last year were reviewed. Following were the items identified for follow-up discussion and action at the next meeting:

  • Establish a library of documents pertinent to the commission’s work. Relevant documents to be brought to the next meeting for review.
  • Produce a year-end report.
  • Develop a structure to better communicate with Borough Council.
  • Formulate a budget for next year (submitted in September for 2011; Ms. Schaner & Ms. Floresta)
  • Work together with like-minded groups so efforts are not duplicated.
  • Recommend plans for Gateway Park North.
  • Recommend plans for the Memorial Park crosswalk to preserve historical markers and borough history.
  • Define and strengthen town center.
  • Formalize a pedestrian way from the train station to municipal parking lots.
  • Identify and monitor vacant properties (Mr. Smith).
Adjournment Mr. Smith made a motion to adjourn the meeting seconded by Mr. Bartmann. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Planning Commission Meets: 2nd Wednesday of every month; 7pm in Borough Hall

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