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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Planning Commission
Meeting Minutes

Date: January 14, 2009

Attendees: Amy Floresta, Marian Schaner, Marcy Allen and Bob Bartmann

Guests: None

Item or Issue
Approval of Minutes 7:15 Meeting called to order
Meeting minutes approved – unanimous.
FEMA flood plane Reviewed draft expansion map. Borough will be notifying residents affected. Comment period is closed. Asked to review for awareness. Changes reflect effort to become more compatible with GIS and North American vertical data. No action is required at this time. Will review again once final is available. Marian
Gateway/Tree Vitalize Updates Gateway
Craig has asked if drawings are available. Bob stated that he will offer advice. Obtaining his drawings will require payment from the Borough for his services.
Bob supplied “Thoughts by Bob Bartmann” on Gateway Park.

ACTION: Marian spoke to her plans to take pictures of Gateway Park corner to be able to review as design plans are determined.

Amy asked what the next steps are. The assumption is that we are waiting for word on if grant(s) have been approved.

TreeVitalize – meeting is to take place between C. Totaro, TreeVitalize and East Lansdowne representatives to discuss plans for that area.
ACTION: Marian to determine when the next Tree Vitalize meeting is to be held so that there can be representation from the Lansdowne Planning Commission, if appropriate.
Amy volunteered to attend if meeting is not held during standard business hours.

Bike Path Project Marcy reviewed meeting conducted on 1/8 between Steve Wagner, Craig Totaro & David Bennet. Marcy asked that the commission consider a separate meeting to support the effort. Marian asked that Marcy lead the project, which she agreed to.

Bob supplied the “Multi-Municipal Recreation, Park & Open Space Plan” and asked that we review the material as we begin to evaluate the potential bike route & also to review the forestry section which he deems to be worthwhile. Bob also recommended that we review the COMP plan and pay close attention to the Bike Route content.

ACTION: Marcy will supply a link to the “Delaware County Bicycle Plan” to the team to review. She will also supply a color scan of the Lansdowne map review with the potential “Lansdowne Loop” so that the team can start to consider possible best routes.

Amy, Marian and Marcy volunteered to be on a sub -committee to focus on the Bike Route plan. Initial meeting will be used to determine objectives – potentially to include community representatives – Cyclists, students & parents, joggers, etc. Bob made a motion to create a subcommittee for the Lansdowne Bike Route. Amy seconded. Unanimously approved.

Plan for 2009 Bob’s list for potential projects for 2009 (please see separate document).

Marian asked that we each define our vision for Lansdowne to help determine and prioritize objectives for 2009.

ACTION: Commission members to come to February’s meeting prepared to speak to their vision for Lansdowne.

Discussed Bob’s recommendation to assign reading responsibilities to specific Commission members, who would be tasked with returning with a boiled down overview of the document.

ACTION: Marian will discuss obtaining a flip chart and also storage space at Borough Hall to contain Planning Commission documents, including the full printed Comp plan.

ACTION: To ask Thom if he would be willing to take the Comp plan as a project and pull Lansdowne specific material and also material that is relevant to the Commission and share results with team.

Marcy recommended also including the evaluation of a lighted pedestrian crossing on Lansdowne Ave. in front of the Historical Lansdowne Movie Theater.

Amy suggested that we investigate a web presence for the Commission.

Amy suggested that we evaluate the possibility of creating a Shade Tree Ordinance to protect significant trees on private land.

Bob spoke to the importance of naming areas/geographical areas of interest. Bob supplied “The Legend of Ekoangwite (Rock Shelter)” for the Commission’s review.

Meeting Adjourned Marcy made the motion to adjourn the meeting, Amy seconded and was voted unanimously.

Planning Commission Meets: 2ndth Wednesday of every month; 7pm in Borough Hall

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