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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Parks and Recreation Board
Regular Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2009

The meeting began at 7:05 p.m. at Borough Hall.  Present were Sherry Spinnraker, Mike Mills, Dawn Haussler, Bob Bartmann, Barry Malone, Khalil Shearlds, and Jack Kelly.  Also present: Jeri Staiber, Lansdowne’s Recreation Director.

1.  Opening
Donald Verlenden resigned his seat on the Board.

2.  Minutes from August were accepted.

3.  Task List  (focused on Park Day/Movie Night, held on September 26th starting at 3pm)  Movie was cancelled due to rain.  
3.1    Kid’s games and prizes –  Khalil provided the list of games and also provided the list for parents at park day, including a time schedule.  Jeri asked Fred for use of his large rope for ‘tug-of-war.’
3.2 Food – Boys & Girls Club obtained the food and ran the snack stand with Board members’ assistance.  Soft pretzels were discussed, but we did not end up getting them due to the amount of food available in the snack stand and the number of prizes available.
3.3 Movie rental/buying – Fred Mirarchi agreed to lend his copy of ‘Bolt,’ but movie was cancelled.

4.  Borough Council Report
No report at this time.

5.  Recreation and Park Budget Review 
Cap Reserves –  There is approximately $30,000 to $40,000 left in cap reserves for 2009.  Board discussed possible uses of funds:

  • Interboro Park – Board discussed making field playable to reduce load on Hoffman’s fields.  Approximate cost 50-65K.
  • Sycamore Park – Board discussed possible new fence for Sycamore, an arbor with wisteria, and possibly some sort of screening solution for hiding neighbors’ rear yards.
  • Marlyn Park – Board discussed the safety hazard at the entry to Marlyn Park where there is only a low chain link fence before the drop into the creek.  It was agreed that while there has been a halt to discussions for any items for Marlyn Park while the Master Site Plan is under development and review, the safety concern is great enough to provide $1,000 for funding from the 2010 budget for temporary concrete blocks to be placed, if approved.
  • All parks, Master Site Plans – Board discussed drafting Master Site Plans for the remaining parks.  It was agreed that Belmont Park should be the next park to be the focus of a Master Site Plan. 
  • All parks, replace wood carpet with rubber composite – more research needed.  Board discussed whether return on investment was worth the initial cost.  Also discussed the possibility of making some of the play areas smaller where possible so less wood carpet is needed annually.
  • Belmont, Hoffman, Interboro Parks, basketball court resurfacing/restriping –  If the Board likes the work of the contractor that is resurfacing Hays’ court, the rest of the courts could be completed in 2010 from cap reserves.  (per quote:  Belmont was $1,570, Hoffman was $9,840 to colorcoat, Interboro was $4,460)

Maintenance and repairs –  There is approximately $28, 000 left in the maintenance and repairs budget for 2009.  Board discussed use of funds:

  • 5.2.1 Reservoir Park – As Borough Council approved Phase A of Reservoir Park’s Master Site Plan, approximately 25K from the 2009 budget will be allocated towards those Phase A repairs.
  • 5.2.2 Hays Park – The Board discussed and approved the resurfacing/restriping (and filling of the sink hole) of Hays Park’s basketball court.  Will allow us to review the contractor’s work for possible use at other courts.  Cost is approximately $2,440 for Hays.
  • Action item:  Jeri to call contractor to schedule Hays Park resurfacing/restriping.
  • 5.2.3 Hoffman Park, tennis courts – Jeri reported that Borough maintenance will fill cracks in courts before winter.  The washing and painting of the walls will need to come from the 2010 budget. 

6. Correspondence / Community Concerns
No correspondence or community concerns presented.

7. Special Project Reports 2009 – One-time or Reoccurring
7.1 Hoffman Park Appreciation Day/Clean-up – Dawn and Jeannette performed a quick clean-up.
7.2 2010 Budget – Sherry will draft budget based on the Board’s discussions, and will send out for review prior to 2010 Council budget meeting.
Action item: Sherry

8. Recreation Department Park Management 
Parks permit policy –  Jeri reported that the permits have been difficult to manage this past summer.  People have been requesting permits for large groups (100-150 people).  There was a complaint from someone who applied for a permit for an event – she said that the park was dirty when the event was to be held.  Jeri said that she always schedules the maintenance crew to clean up before such an event, but public usage of the parks prevents us from being able to guarantee that they will be clean for an event.  It is also impossible to reserve the fields/courts as these are public parks.  Restrooms and parking are also concerns.  Items that need to be considered when drafting the policy (there are general park rules and regulations in force, but no specific policy or fee schedule for park usage by private parties):

  • Maximum capacity per park
  • Parks/areas that can be reserved
  • Fee that should be charged (based on capacity, amenities, clean-up required, etc.)
  • Action Item:  Sherry mentioned that she would look on-line to see what other boroughs’ policies are.

Calendar of Events
October 11 th  1 pm – Marlyn Park Appreciation Day

Recreation and Parks Board Budget Report, Jeri Staiber
Jeri mentioned October 17th  as the date that is planned for clean up/removal of invasives around Darby Creek at Hoffman.  Dave Williams (formerly with County), spearheaded the effort to get the grant.  (Event has since been rescheduled for 10/24/09) 

Park Usage Request
Jeri requested that the Board work on a park permit policy.  

Next Board Meeting – Monday, October 19, 7:00p.m. at Borough Hall.

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