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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Parks and Recreation Board
Regular Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2008

The meeting began at 7:05pm,present were Barry Malone, Jack Kelly, Sherry Spinnraker, Khalil Shearlds, DawnHaussler, Mike Mills, Fred Mirarchi & Bob Bartmann. Also present JeriStaiber Lansdowne’s Recreation Director, Joe Urban the Council Liaison.

Minutes from September wereaccepted.

Craig Totaro was also at themeeting, to explain the new Boro Manager concerns about postponing two already bid proposals one for tree work at Belmont another for the entrances at Hay Park.. Craig also wanted additional information on this board’s recommendation for the replacement toy at Belmont, also some foundation work to be done on Hoffman tennis courts. Craig wanted to have or to see more of the background efforts before he signs off on all expenditures, Craig would like some input, maybe using in-house labor, availability to propose grants, have a say on the specifications going out for bids. Joe Urban made it clear that the postponement was not coming from Boro council. Joe also said that he did not believe the council wanted to oversee detail maintenance of this boards efforts moving forward.

We tried to explain to Craig that former Managers had not requested the same reporting. That many ideas take months to get though this board before we offer them out for bids. On some contracts we do need engineering specifications others do not, we do have a lot of experience members that can estimate on projects that we would like to have happen in our parks.

Barry agrees with Craig that he would like to see a better history of projects and will be making suggestions on how we as a board can show our due diligence and keep a trail on our projects. Barry will be emailing us with some projects tracking means for the board to consider.

Joe Urban, Council Liaison reports.

Joe said he will ask the nominee committee for someone to fill Tony’s vacancy after leaving the board this fall. Joe has asked the board members to submit names for any possible nominees.

Jeri Staiber, Recreation Director and finance report.

Jeri gave out the financial reports. Jeri asked for ideas and possible teachers/instructors for upcoming classes.

New Business….

Barry read a letter requesting Hoffman Park for a Pops Warner Football Season next year for four games September thru October. Members of the board had concerns about the size of the field, were goal posts needed and would Interboro Park serve as another location. Barry will contact the organization and find out what is required for the league to play in Lansdowne.

Request for volunteers was made by Jack, for planting 60 trees on Saturday morning, November 22 on Baltimore Pike. Bob Bartmann has done the majority of the planning, he drew up the plans, requested balled trees, Bob also meet with Craig as to the sidewalk demolition and the tree vitalize group, Jeri has spent hours trying to find volunteers.

Barry and Sherry both agreed to continue on next year as their tenure was up for renewal.

Next Board meeting, Monday, December 15th, 7:00 pm at the 20th Century Club.

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