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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Parks and Recreation Board
Regular Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2008

The meeting began at 7:05pm, present were Barry Malone, Mike Mills, Jack Kelly, Khalil Shearlds, Dawn Haussler, Fred Mirarchi, Sherry Spinnraker & Tony Campuzano. Also present was Joe Urban the Council Liaison, and Jeri Staiber Lansdowne’s Recreation Director.

Minutes from April were reviewed & accepted.

Joe Urban, Council Liaison reports.
Joe looking for suggestions for possible locations for the sculpture garden. He will pass on the information on the property across from Reservoir Park heading towards Essex to the environmental committee.

Jeri Staiber, Recreation Director and finance report.
Jeri passed out the budget numbers, of year to date expenditures. Jeri surveys the parks and sent us suggestions on issues with these parks. She mailed the check to Fresh Air Flicks for Movie in the park scheduled for May 30th at 8:30. Jeri with some help from Fred will distribute the flyers to local schools and store owners. She will also investigate the Staples Dream Park give away. She will check with the code personnel to change the time the lights come on as Hoffman, they are still on winter hours. Jeri tried to find the survey done at Sycamore Park so that if we put in new fencing we would know were the property line is. Jeri and Bob have both been to the area across from Reservoir to figure out the boro’s property. Mulch has been order and will be delivered to Belmont, she will coordinate with the Highway Department to distribute the mulch between there and Hayes Park and Hoffman Park She will try to get the community service to actually place the mulch around the toys as Belmont, Hayes and Hoffman Parks.

Old & New Business….

Movie Night May 31st at Hoffman Park to begin at 8:30 pm. Volunteers are asked to be there at 7:30, to set up the food. Fred will place signs to advertize the movie. The board will allow the Sofa-cinema (Landowne Economic Development Corporation) to sell popcorn, from their new popcorn cart; Jeri will ask if we will be able to use the chart for future events.

This board talked about creating some type of memorial for long standing employee of the highway department that had just passed away, Victor Avery. Possibilities were to plant a tree and name a creek, name one of our baseball fields’ after him. The board thought it would recommend to Boro council about naming a creek that runs though Marlyn Park.

Khalil talked the to school’s Athletic Director in regards to the possibility to use the gym for some teen activities this summer. Khalil will find out if this is a possibility hopefully soon.

Fred will give an estimate to mulch and weed Boro Green and Sycamore Parks. He submitted a plan to plant and remove the existing roots and brush from the southeast corner of Sycamore Park, $850 dollars to prep the bed another $1600 to buy & plant shrubbery. The board did not at this time decide whether or not to fence and plant this area, we will contact the Greater Landowne Civic Association to see if we could work with them on what avenue to pursue.

Bob Bartmann, was not as this meeting but did submit his ideas, that the money spent on Sycamore could be used at Interboro and Marlyn which both need additional planting. He photos of the area across from Reservoir will be giving to the Environmental Committee. Bob also met with Jack to help identify the trees in Pennock Woods. Bob also contacted a geologist to help him with the project to create an historical outlook for some of our parks.

Meeting adjourned 9:15

Next Park meeting, Monday, June 16th at Boro Hall, 7:00 pm

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