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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Parks and Recreation Board
Regular Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2009

The meeting began at 7:10 p.m. at Borough Hall due to thunderstorms (meeting was scheduled to be at Belmont Park). Present were Sherry Spinnraker, Don Verlenden, Mike Mills, Dawn Haussler, Bob Bartmann, and Barry Malone. Also present: Jeri Staiber, Lansdowne’s Recreation Director. Visitors: Virginia Maroun and three other Marlyn Park neighbors.

1. Opening

2. Minutes from May were accepted, (on condition of Board-accepted additions of 1.2.9 and 1.2.10 recommended by Bob Bartmann)

3. Correspondence
3.1 Marlyn Park Meadow – The Marlyn Park neighbors expressed their concerns about the Board’s decision at the May meeting to try out a ‘test meadow’ area in Marlyn Park. Their concerns included the tall grass creating hiding places for dumping and teen hangouts, as well as possible mosquito/deer tick increases. They also raised the fact that the Board had agreed in April to hold action on any Marlyn Park issues until the Master Site Plan is completed and reviewed. A motion was passed to table the meadow test pending the outcome of the Master Site Plan.

4. Task List Update
4.1 Marlyn Park entrance and sign – Tabled until Master Site Plan is complete.
4.2 Belmont Park sign – Jeri noted that she had contacted the Boy Scout who made the signs for Shrigley and Pennock Woods, but he is unable to make a sign for Belmont. Board decided not to remove the current sign until we find out how much it could cost to fix it.

Action item: Jeri to contact Woodmasters to obtain a quote to fix the Belmont sign.

5. Special Project Reports 2009 – One-time or Reoccurring
5.1 Hays Park Appreciation Day/Clean-up – Circles were mulched around some of the trees by participating Board members and Jeri. There was no community participation.
5.2 Marlyn Park meadow discussion – Please see ‘Correspondence’ (3.1, above)
5.3 Park Day – combining Park Day with movie night briefly discussed. Board discussed possibly finding cheaper vendor for movie.

Action Item: Jeri said she would contact the alternate movie vendor for pricing and 16:9 to see if they could provide the movie.

6. Recreation Department Park Management
6.1 Job descriptions for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary – To be discussed for inclusion in Board manual at future meeting.
6.2 Sub-committees – Review at future meeting.

Action Item: Everyone to consider what they believe the goals of the Board to be, so discussion at future meeting can pinpoint what sub-committees should be created.

6.3 Action item list – no updates at this time.
6.4 Forms

6.4.1 Event assessment forms – to be reviewed at future meeting.

6.4.2 Park utilization form – Board utilized ‘Park Utilization’ survey form Sherry created for Earth Day. Need to review/approve for future use.

6.4.3 Event check list – Should come up with check list for events like Egg Hunt and Park Day/Movie Night so tasks and items needed are clear.

6.4.4 Event sign-in sheet – sign-in sheet for events such as Park Clean-up/Appreciation Days would be useful.

6.5 Maintenance staff string trimming trees – Bob noted that the tree guards that he used to wrap young trees seemed to protect them from the borough workers’ string trimmers unless they try and string trim the suckers that come up at the base of some of the trees. It was agreed that it would be a good idea if the borough men were trained in landscaping issues related to the borough parks, possibly in the winter off season. It was also discussed that we try and get the men to not drive the trucks into the parks as they create ruts after wet weather. Dollies could be bought with Rec & Parks funds to help them move the trash to the entrances rather than driving across the lawn.

Action item: Jeri said that she would ask Craig about setting up some classes.

6.6 Park plans – To be discussed at future meeting.
6.7 Reservoir Park fence removal – Board discussed removing the part of the fence that is falling down near Greenwood Ave. Jeri mentioned that the neighbors would need to be notified. Bob noted that we would not need a fence if the borough were to claim the land off Bryn Mawr Ave., but a deed search is necessary. Due to the land ownership issues, it will be a while before the fence will be removed.
6.8 Belmont usage/incident – Jeri reported on an incident that occurred the week before the meeting where two boys and girls who were in the park were approached by 5 other kids, who demanded that the original group hand over their cell phones. One boy of the original group in the park was beaten up and the girls called 911. The kids were around 15 years old. One of the boys’ brothers found one of the perpetrators and the issue could go to court. The Board briefly discussed removal of the basket ball court or stands, but decided that that action would punish the kids and families that do not cause trouble. Installing a security camera or safety button were also discussed. Jeri noted that the police have since increased their patrols of the area.
6.9 Belmont graffiti – Jeri reported that 2 different chemicals had been tried with varying success. She also got a quote from a contractor to remove the graffiti. The fees were $450 with water access, or $650 without water access. The Board thought this was expensive and Don mentioned that he had successfully used DWR and that he would show some Board members how it worked. Depending on safety of the various graffiti removers, it was noted that the graffiti removal could be given as a job to some of the Community Service kids.

Action item: Jeri said that she would call the playtoy manufacturer to see what they recommend to remove graffiti.

6.10 Invasives policy – Board discussed invasives. Don stated that it would be a good idea to avoid planting invasive plants in all parks. Sherry asked that Don and Bob work on a policy for the Board regarding the use, removal, and management of invasives in the parks.

Action item: Bob and Don to draft invasives policy for review.

6.11 Interboro Park – reassignment to Don Verlenden – Sherry asked that Don oversee Interboro Park as Fred has not been able to provide updates. (Don has asked about the oversight of the county parks and there was brief discussion about approaching the county about acquisition of those parks, but Jeri noted that care of those parks would then be added to the Board’s budget, which is problematic.)
6.12 Review of Board membership – Board discussed members’ attendance as some members have not been regularly attending the monthly meetings.
Action Item – Sherry will call Fred and Khalil to find out if they will be able to attend future meetings/participate on the Board.
6.11 Survey issues – Bob requested that several areas be surveyed, including the triangle at Marlyn Park and the area across from Reservoir Park.

Action item – Jeri said that she would obtain quotes from the surveyor for this work.

6.12 Reservoir Park erosion issues – Bob noted that there is erosion on the ramp and that the sidewalk along Ardmore Ave. could be undermined eventually. He also stated that the stream has further eroded the wall area before the water enters the exit pipe from the park. In order to handle the erosion issue, he said approx. 100 tons of boulders would need to be placed in the stream after the silt is dug out and removed. He advised having the summer help removed the invasives before any of this work is begun. The Board discussed handling this erosion issue through the maintenance budget. 3 quotes will be necessary to present to Council.

Action item – Bob will draft a document explaining the process and what is needed.

6.13 Cap reserves spending – Board discussed possible projects that would fall under Cap Reserves. No definitive project seemed to stand out. The idea was brought up of choosing a park and having a Master Site Plan drawn up, similar to Marlyn Park’s so that there is a roadmap to follow for placement of toys and future possible usage. The Board decided to obtain fees for having Master Site Plans drawn up for all the parks so that we would be able to choose one.

Action item – Jeri said that she would contact the company that is handling the Master Site Plan for Marlyn Park and obtain pricing for each park’s possible Master Site Plan.

7. Borough Council Report, Joe Urban
Joe Urban not present. No report.

8. Calendar of Events
8.1 July 12th 2-4pm – Interboro Park Appreciation Day. Don said that he would oversee this Park Day as he will be taking care of Interboro.

9. Recreation and Parks Board Budget Report, Jeri Staiber
Jeri distributed the budget reports.

10. Park Usage Request
10.1 Boys & Girls Club Hoffman Soccer field request for fall 2009

11. Next Board Meeting – Monday, July 20, 7:00p.m. at Marlyn Park.

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