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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Parks and Recreation Board
Regular Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2008

The meeting began at 7:05pm, present were Barry Malone, Jack Kelly, Khalil Shearlds, Dawn Haussler, Bob Bartmann, Fred Mirarchi, Tony Campuzano, Mike Mills & Sherry Spinnraker . Also present Jeri Staiber Lansdowne’s Recreation Director, Joe Urban the Council Liaison.

Minutes from June were reviewed & accepted.

Kelly Gliss – invited guest, would like to increase networking, to advertize in our newsletter other events across Lansdowne, some held at schools, some held at local churches. Kelly is a physical trainer, she is also an instructor, who has handled a number of classes around town. The board was fine with the idea about advertizing other events, but not so fine for self-promotions. Joe will take this matter up with the Boro council.

Joe Urban, Council Liaison reports.
Joe said he would like a nature trail laid out in a couple of parks in the Boro. Bob and Jack are looking to identify the flora and Bob is looking for some to identify the type of land from a geogilists point of view. Joe will let the council know that this board recommended an extension of the creek in Marlyn be named for Victor Avery. Joe will also recommend to council that the $10,000 for upper teen’s activity be put toward finding a director that would organize basically for that age bracket the council is looking for.

Jeri Staiber, Recreation Director and finance report.
Jeri gave out the finical reports. She also asked that we come up with the three major improvements for the parks this year. We agreed to replace the Toy at Belmont, Two, some tree work at Marlyn, take down old and prune existing trees, hopefully also plant others. Third was to Grade the entrances to Hayes park, possible use large slabs of field stone to be used at the two entrances, which always seem to be muddy.

New Business….

“Park Day” will be Saturday, September 20th rain day September 27th; we will also have Movie in the Park that night. Because of the deposit and us cancelling the previous move in the park originally set for June.

The Boards is still waiting to hear from some scouts working or wanting to work on eagle projects (Steve Costa, Alex Reinhart and Elliot Hummel).

Khalil talked the to school’s Athletic Director in regards to the possibility to use the gym for some teen activities. Being so late in the season to start the program, Khalil would like to start again during the school year and find a director to coordinate this new program. Joe Urban was also going to the council and suggest the same thing.

Fred estimated 4,000 for a watering system for Sycamore park, Sherri will let Terry Ponton know. She had inquired as to the cost. Terry is the current President Lansdowne Civic Association.

Meeting adjourned 8:40

Next Park meeting, Monday, August 18th, 7:00 pm

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