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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Parks and Recreation Board
Regular Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2009

The meeting began at 7:05 p.m. at the entrance to Marlyn Park. Present were Mike Mills (acting as Chair), Don Verlenden, Dawn Haussler, Bob Bartmann, Barry Malone, Khalil Shearlds, Jack Kelly and Jeannette Reinhart. Also present: Jeri Staiber, Lansdowne’s Recreation Director, and Joe Urban, Borough Council liaison. Visitors: Virginia Maroun and two other Marlyn Park neighbors, as well as two Boy Scouts observing the meeting.

1. Opening
1.1 J. Urban introduced Jeannette Reinhart as new Board member, appointed to replace Fred Mirarchi, who has resigned.

2. Minutes from June were accepted, (on condition of Board-accepted changes to 6.7 and 6.10)

3. Task List (task updates may also appear under ‘Recreation Department Park Management’)
3.1 Marlyn Park – Marlyn Park test meadow, entrance bollards/chain, and updated rules and regulations sign tabled for development of Master Site Plan.
3.2 Belmont Park sign – Woodmasters said that sign was unrepairable. Board decided that sign should remain for now.
3.3 Open space listing / Board responsibilities for land – spaces to be added to list: Dunkin Donuts, Borough Green, Memorial Park, and piece of land behind movie theater.

Action item: J. Urban to provide updated list.

4. Borough Council Report, Joe Urban
4.1 Recreation Consultant – Borough Council is looking into hiring a consultant to determine borough youth needs. Hiring a Recreation Coordinator was not a possibility this summer.
4.2 Marlyn Park Steering Committee – Scheduled to meet July 22, at 7pm. Joe Urban, Jack Kelly, Jeannette Reinhart, Shelly Grant, Virginia Maroun, and Craig Totaro are on the committee. The committee has 7-8 months to review and oversee the creation of the Master Site Plan. The new owners of the home for sale at the entrance to the park have been notified of the encroachment onto park land and the Borough will work with owners to move hedge.

5. Recreation and Park Budget Review
5.1 Master Site Plan Costs – Obtaining costs for a Master Site Plan for each park was not possible. J. Urban noted that Council would be unlikely to want to tackle more than one Master Site Plan at a time. Gateway Park’s Master Site Plan is still being developed and Marlyn Park’s Master Site Plan is under way.
5.2 Reservoir Park Master Site Plan – Bob presented the Master Site Plan he had created for Reservoir Park. The motion to recommend approval of the Master Site Plan to Borough Council was seconded and approved. Bob will be presenting the plan to the Planning Commission and to Borough Council for approval.

5.2.1 Reservoir Park repairs under maintenance budget – If the Board would like to move forward with some of the repair issues to help stop erosion behind the wall to the exit drain pipe, or other related issues, the Project Form needs to be filled out and bids obtained for the work to be completed so that they can be presented to Borough Council and the Borough Manager for approval.

6. Correspondence / Community Concerns
6.1 Gladstone Parklet Long-Range Plan – Eloise Murphy of the Greater Gladstone Civic Association presented a long range plan for the Gladstone parklet island at the Gladstone/Walsh/Deforest Road intersection. The motion to recommend approval of the long range plan to Borough Council was seconded and approved by a majority. B. Bartmann will present plan to Planning Commission and plan will be presented to Borough Council the first meeting in September.

7. Special Project Reports 2009 – One-time or Reoccurring
7.1 Interboro Park Appreciation Day/Clean-up – Circles were mulched around some of the trees by participating Board members and one resident. Two dead trees and tree limbs were removed, and leftover soil was relocated to bed by the street.
7.2 Park Day/Movie Night – J. Urban contacted a cheaper local movie vendor and September 26th was chosen as the best day for the event.

8. Recreation Department Park Management
8.1 Job descriptions for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary – Board unanimously voted to accept job description document to be utilized for guidance, but not to be amended to the by laws or added to the manual.
8.2 Sub-committees – Review at future meeting.

Action Item: All to consider what they believe the goals of the Board to be, so discussion at future meeting can pinpoint what sub-committees should be created.

8.3 Forms

8.3.1 Event assessment forms – to be reviewed at future meeting.

8.3.2 Park utilization form – Board utilized ‘Park Utilization’ survey form Sherry created for Earth Day. Need to review/approve for future use.

8.3.3 Event check list – Should come up with check list for events like Egg Hunt and Park Day/Movie Night so tasks and items needed are clear.

8.3.4 Event sign-in sheet – sign-in sheet for events such as Park Clean-up/Appreciation Days would be useful.
8.4 Maintenance staff education classes – Jeri talked to Borough Mgr. about providing classes for landscape maintenance issues. Craig agreed that it was a good idea and that they would try and set up classes every other week in off season.
8.5 Park plans – To be discussed at future meeting.
8.6 Reservoir Park fence removal – On hold for Master Site Plan, contacting neighbors, research/obtaining adjoining land
8.7 Belmont usage/incident – Jeri reported that a neighbor of Belmont Park had registered a complaint that there has been no action from the police regarding trouble at the park. The neighbor requested that the borough remove the basket ball court. Separately, a police officer noted that Belmont is a constant source of complaints and that names should be taken every time officers are called, so action can be taken on repeat voilations. Board discussed using the threat of removal of the basketball court to solve the problem.
8.8 Hoffman Park trash – Jeri noted that one of the maintenance workers had gotten so tired of the trash around the Hoffman court, that he had left a sign which seemed to help a bit.
8.9 Invasives policy – Don and Bob to work on a policy for the Board regarding the use, removal, and management of invasives in the parks.

Action Item: Bob and Don to draft invasives policy for review.

8.10 Survey issues – Bob requested that several areas be surveyed, including the triangle at Marlyn Park and the area across from Reservoir Park.

Action Item – Jeri to obtain quotes from the surveyor for this work.

8.11 Interboro Vernal Pond – Don noted his concerns about the possible mosquito breeding ground in the pools of water at Interboro. He contacted the Delaware County Office of Inter-community Health, which said that there has one been one incidence of West Nile Virus in the area. They forwarded the request to the State. A Penn State Co-op field agent will visit and report his findings.

9. Calendar of Events
9.1 August 9th 2-4pm – Sycamore Park Appreciation Day.
9.2 September 13 th 2-4pm – Hoffman Park Appreciation Day
9.3 September 26 th – Park Day / Movie Night

10. Recreation and Parks Board Budget Report, Jeri Staiber
Jeri distributed the budget reports. the complaint from the neighbor of Belmont Park, as well as the 2441 Disorderly Person/Group report (see 8.7, above)

11. Park Usage Request

12. Next Board Meeting – Monday, August 17, 7:00p.m. at Borough Hall.

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