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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Parks and Recreation Board
Regular Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2008

The meeting began at 7:05pm, present were Barry Malone, Mike Mills, Tony Campuzano, Jack Kelly, Khalil Shearlds, Dawn Haussler, Fred Mirarchi & Bob Bartmann. Also present Jeri Staiber Lansdowne’s Recreation Director, Joe Urban the Council Liaison.

Minutes from December were reviewed & accepted.

Joe Urban, Council Liaison reports.
Joe said council had voted on the 2008 budget. Capitol funding for the pavilion at Hoffman Park, will need to wait until decision on the property on Lansdowne court has finalized before other boro decisions were made. Joe is hoping to establish closer link between participants and places for activities for residents. Joe would also like to see open projects becoming more institutionalized, meaning after elections and new members entering boro council, he would like to have established a means to have new members know current status of our parks projects.

Jeri Staiber, Recreation Director and finance report.
Jeri was not able to get the budget for meeting; boro is using new software and was not able to get one printed. The fence at Hayes Park has not started as of this meeting; Jeri heard that if the weather improves he will start this week.

Steve Costa, looking for project to become Eagle Scout.
Steve asked broad members for suggestions. One suggestion was to make flower beds around all of our park signs. Create a new sign for our two county parks. Trail restoration was another.

Old & New Business….
A) Barry asked about the Rec & Park Brochure to be ready for spring news letter. Mike, Tony and Sherry will meet this month to put some on paper and give members something to look for next meeting.
B) Movie Night, we set a date June 7 and will investigate costs involved, we would like to see additional advertisement for greater attendance.
C) Park Day set for September 20th.
D) Open spaces, were all of these pockets exist, we will need some monitoring and ownership of these spaces.
E) Tony will ask Jennifer Hoff to see if we can get her copy of Landowne, so we can incorporate into Brochure.
F) Barry asked for assessment of our county parks.
G) Next survey to be portions of Hoffman Park (north-east section around the basketball and tennis courts, and the parking area and driveway up to train station.
H) Voting for our 2008 officers was held, all current positions were voted back in.
I) Hoffman Park Master Plan discussion was tabled. The board would like to have the plans from River Keepers, Damn demolition, Gateway trail design, setup a grant committee, get estimates for council on demolition and proposed site location for new structures
J) Jeri and Bob will be attending a seminar on grant projects Feb 26 in King of Prussia
K) Tree Advisory Board will be giving 25 bare root trees in March 2008 to residents.
L) Jeri would like to discuss park fees, possible limits.
M) Meeting was adjourned 9:15

Next Park meeting, February 25th, Boro Hall, 7:00 pm

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