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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Parks and Recreation Board
Regular Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2010

The meeting began at 7:05 p.m. at Borough Hall.  Present were Sherry Spinnraker, Mike Mills, Dawn Haussler, Khalil Shearlds, and Jeannette Reinhart.  Also present: Jeri Staiber, Recreation Director.  Visitors:  Bob Bartmann, Kathryn Bernakie.

1.  Opening

  • 1.1 Barry Malone has resigned from the Board. (3 seats open)
  • 1.2 Kathryn Bernakie, visitor at meeting, interested in joining Board, and there is another candidate as well. 

2.  Minutes from January were accepted.

3.  Task List

  • 3.1 Court resurfacing – Jeri noted that she had instructed the contractor that resurfaced Hays Park’s basket ball court to provide updated pricing for all court projects and that she has contacted two other contractors to provide bids as well, but weather has prevented them from reviewing the courts.
  • 3.2 Reservoir Park, order of 17 trees – Jeri noted that the 17 trees that were provided through a Penn Vest State Grant via the stimulus package are #2 gallon trees (quite small).  Dave Williams has a copy of the approved Reservoir Park Master Site Plan so the trees will be placed in ways that will not interfere with, or will complement the plan.
  • 3.3 Reservoir Park Master Site Plan, Phase 2:  Neighborhood meeting – Jeri noted that she had spoken to Craig and that he would be setting a date in March or April and drafting a letter that will be sent to Reservoir Park neighbors to invite them to the meeting.  Bob Bartmann said that he would be willing to speak about the Master Site Plan at the meeting.
  • 3.4 Sycamore Park tree maintenance – Jeri confirmed that the sycamore tree maintenance was completed under the 2009 budget.  Board used $7,580 of the $10,000 ‘Forestry’ line item that was set for 2009.  The $10,000 in tree maintenance funds was not provided for the 2010 budget so any tree maintenance will need to come out of Maintenance/Repairs.  One tree in Belmont may need to be taken down.
  • Action item:  Dawn to place reminders on task list to include tree maintenance on 2010 budget and to have tree companies give us recommendations/advice.
  • 3.5 Replacement trees – Bob Bartmann advised Mary Lou Jennings on recommendations for ordering 18-19 replacement trees for Belmont, Hoffman, Interboro, and the Gladstone parklets.
  • 3.6 ADA compliance – 
  • Action item: Dawn/Sherry to distribute Multi-Municipalities plan to all Board members for review/discussion.
  • 3.7 Open space listing/Board responsibilities – 
  • Action item: Sherry to ask Barb Silzle for current info and expectations.

4.  Borough Council Report

  • 4.1 Replacement for Council liaison – Sherry informed the Board that instead of a new Council liaison, Council’s Environmental Committee will be overseeing the Board.  Barb Silzle and Ellen Lustgarden will be attending the next meeting to review how new system will work.
  • Action item:  Sherry to review with Barb how communication will occur with Council.
  • 4.2 Recreation Consultant – Jeri reported that she has been providing information on past recreation programs to Council as there is continued interest in providing programs for Lansdowne’s older youth.  The question was asked about what had happened to Council’s intention of hiring a Recreation Consultant to provide information/research pertaining to expansion of the recreation programs offered.
  • Action item:  Sherry to ask Barb about the change in direction re: recreation program.

5.  Recreation and Park Budget Review 

  • 2010 Budget –  Budget of $43,000 approved by Council.  Sherry distributed a preliminary budget for use of the funds.  Board to review priorities for parks.  (approx. $17,000 to be used for court resurfacing, $3,000 for Bob Bartmann’s services, approx. $1,500 for new hand tools, ? for tree maintenance, plus regular maintenance contracts = ? left)

6. Correspondence / Community Concerns

  • Boys & Girls’ Club shed request – Club would like to add a second shed to store tools, tractor on site at Hoffman.  
  • Action item: Jeri and Sheri to contact Fred for dimensions and pictures of requested shed.  Once details are known, Sheri to e-mail Barb Silzle as request will need to be approved by Council.

7. Special Project Reports 2009 – One-time or Reoccurring

  • 7.1 Parks permit policy – Tabled until next meeting.

8. Recreation Department Park Management 

  • Bob Bartmann, consultant to Borough – Bob reported on his ‘Phase I’ work with the Borough, $3,000 to come out of Rec & Parks budget to pay for Bob’s services, which will include:
  • Provide training for borough workers  (Workers were hired as ‘Highway,’ and as such, have no training in landscaping.  There is no hierarchy in the department, just a department lead and 10 workers (no crew leaders).  
  • Suggest ways for improving equipment for landscape/park work.  Hand tools have not been maintained well for landscaping.  Parks & Rec will need to invest in hand tools to be dedicated to landscaping work, approx. $1,500 in hand tools needed.
  • Action item:  Board will need to follow up with Bob for his recommendations for landscaping hand tools)
  • Develop maintenance plan/schedule for each park
  • Define tasks that can be performed by Borough staff, which should be contracted out, and which can be handled by volunteers  (Ex:  if Borough workers can be trained to seed Hoffman, that would reduce the annual fees charged for contracting that service out)

9. Calendar of Events

  • Egg Hunt – March 28 at 1 pm
  • Chair of eventAction item:  Mike to make/oversee task list for Egg Hunt.
  • Advertising – will use updated 2009 poster.  Action item:  Jeri to forward poster.
  • Bunny suitAction item:  Fred Mirarchi confirmed to be Easter Bunny
  • Games – egg hunt to be divided into 3 sections: ages 3-4, 5-7, 8-10)
  •   Action item:  Khalil to bring supplies / oversee games: sack race, bull’s eye
  • Park cleanupAction item:  Jeri to schedule Friday before event.
  • Pre-filled eggsAction item:  Jeri to order.
  • Prizes for raceAction item:  Khalil to buy.
  • Earth Day (‘Make Lansdowne Beautiful Day’) – April 17 – Borough-wide clean-up day centered on downtown area.  Barb Silzle recommended piggy-backing planting of Tree Vitalize trees after clean-up effort so as not to take volunteer efforts away from the clean-up.
  • Darby Creek Clean-up – April 24 
  • Movie Night – May 22
  • Movie choice – ‘Up’ is chosen movie.  (sunset: 8:14pm, twilight:  8:46pm)
  • Chairs – Dawn and Jeannette
  • Snack stand – Boys & Girls’ club confirmed for snack stand use.
  • Action item:  Dawn/Board discussion of popcorn.
  • Advertising – Council announcement at televised meeting, posting on website, fliers to schools, borough newsletter
  • Banner Action item:  Dawn to work with Hoff Communications

10. Recreation and Parks Board Budget Report, Jeri Staiber

  • None at this time.

11. Park Usage Request

  • 11.1 Jennifer Hoff requested Hoffman Park field permit for Boys & Girls’ Club for M-F 6-11pm. Jeri contacted the Delco Men’s League and they will not be using the field this year, so permit is approved for M-Sun.

12. Next Board Meeting – Monday, March 15, 7:00 p.m. at Borough Hall.

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