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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Parks and Recreation Board
Regular Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2009

The meeting began at 7:05p.m. Present were Barry Malone, Jack Kelly, Dawn Haussler, Mike Mills, Fred Mirarchi, and Sherry Spinnraker. Also present: Jeri Staiber, Lansdowne’s Recreation Director, Joe Urban, Council Liaison, and one visitor, Don, interested in applying for the open position on the Board.

Minutes from January were accepted. Barry noted that he had forwarded January’s Meeting Minutes and February’s Agenda to Virginia, the leader of the Marlyn Park residents’ group.

1. Special Project Reports 2009 – One Time or Recurring
1.1.Tree Removal Marlyn Park – Per Jeri, the tree removal is complete – contractor returned to take down the rest of the trees left standing. Joe Urban received a call re: someone removing wood from the felled trees in Marlyn Park. That person had driven into the park and gotten stuck while removing wood. The police helped him push his car out but it left ruts in the ground. Police want us to provide clear direction for how to handle these sorts of issues. On discussion, the Board decided to follow up on signage and installing posts and chain at the entrance to Marlyn. It was agreed that for future tree removal in all parks, the wood should be removed as part of the job.

Action item: Fred will take a look at ruts, estimate what will be required to fix, and forward to Jeri so she can let police know so that person who caused ruts can be charged for the repair.

Action item: Jeri will get prices on chains, posts, and ‘Authorized Vehicles Only’ signage.

1.2. Pavers for entrances to Hays Park – Board still unsure whether this project will fall under ‘maintenance and repairs’ or as a capital improvement project.
Acton item: Dawn to fill out project form and forward to Jeri, Joe, Sherry. Jeri/Joe will forward to Craig Totaro for review.
1.3. Rock Climbing Structure at Belmont Park – Board discussed obtaining several more bids to provide Craig with comparative info.
1.4. Tennis Court Repair and Painting – Repairs to wall have been started, will be finished in spring.
1.5. Hoffman Park Pavilion Revitalization – Joe Urban noted that this project is being discussed in the Infrastructure Committee and that he needs any relevant info the Board has on file.

Action item: Jeri to forward the engineer’s report to Joe.

Action item: Fred to forward specs for the pavilion, concession stand to Joe.

1.6. Youth Program Coordinator Search – Joe noted that the Recreation and Education Committee has been discussing this position with intent to fill it.

2.Recreation Department Park Management
2.1. One open Board position – was discussed at Education and Recreation Committee meeting. There are three candidates. Knowledge, experience, qualifications will be considered.

Action item: Sherry, Jeri, and member of Edu. & Rec. Committee to meet with all three candidates.

2.2. Job descriptions for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary – Barry drafted and distributed Board member job descriptions. To be discussed for inclusion in Board manual at next meeting.
2.3. CD information from Barry – Barry distributed 3 CDs: 2007 Board Manual and State of the Union, Rec. & Parks Board records 2006-2008, and Lansdowne Borough Planning Docs.
2.4. Park Assessments – It was discussed and approved that all Park Assessments should be completed and distributed to all Board members (and Jeri) by the second Monday of every month so all members can review all park issues.
2.5. Sub-committees – To be discussed at next meeting.

3.Borough Council Report, Joe Urban
Joe reported that a number of Gladstone Manor residents attended the last Borough Council meeting and were requesting a review of open items in that neighborhood. Joe noted that he would look for the letter requesting $7,000 for the bed work in the parklets in Gladstone.

4.Calendar of Events
4.1 What activities are we planning for the year? Egg Hunt, Movie Night, Park Day, once-a-month Park Appreciation/Cleanup Days were briefly discussed. The Egg Hunt event date was discussed and it was agreed that Lisa Milano would be contacted to see if she was interested in helping this year.
4.2 Hoffman Park Volunteers’ request – Fred asked whether it would be alright if the Hoffman Park cleanup volunteers lifted the chain link fencing so the leaves could blow under the fence.

5.Recreation and Parks Board Budget Report, Jeri Staiber
5.1. Baltimore Pike Tree expenditures from Rec. & Park Board budget – This expense came out of the 2008 maintenance budget. Sherry raised the concern about the projects that were cancelled at the end of the year that were to be completed with those funds. Joe reiterated that it is important that the Board work to get projects submitted and approved earlier in the year so there is chance for completion.
5.2.$6,000 in tree work out of 2009 maintenance budget – Jeri checked with the Borough Treasurer about the $6,000 in tree work that showed in 2009’s budget. He made the adjustment 2/26/09 so that the $6,000 for tree work would be reflected in the 2008 maintenance budget rather than 2009’s budget.
5.3.Volunteer report – reports to Council what volunteer work was completed in 2008

Action item: Jeri/Bob to complete.

5.4. J. Downend and William Johnson 2009 estimates – Board approved both estimates for work. William Johnson’s estimate covered Borough Green and Sycamore Park tree fertilization/spraying and J. Downend’s estimate covered Sycamore Park and Hoffman Park fertilization. Funds to cover work should come out of the ‘Trees/Forestry’ line item.

6. Park Usage Request
6.1. Pop Warner Football at Hoffman Park

Action item: Sherry to contact the Pop-Warner representatives so they can attend the next meeting for the discussion.

7.Next Board Meeting – Monday, March 16, 7:00p.m. at Borough Hall

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