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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Parks and Recreation Board
Regular Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2009

Meeting began at 7:05p.m. Present were Barry Malone, Bob Bartmann, Dawn Haussler, Mike Mills, Khalil Shearlds Fred Mirarchi and Sherry Spinnraker. Also present: Jeri Staiber, Lansdowne’s Recreation Director, and Joe Urban, Borough Council liaison. Visitors: Don, interested in applying for the open position on the Board, and Virginia, Marlyn Park neighbor.

1. Minutes from March were accepted.

2. Correspondence
2.1 Lansdowne Longhorns – Lansdowne Longhorns’ organizers left Sherry a message that they were having to put off organizing the team at the moment. Board tabled discussion regarding approval of use of field space until November 2009.

3. Special Project Reports 2009 – One Time or Recurring
3.1 Park Clean-up Days – have been scheduled for 2009. First clean-up day is Belmont, May 17, 2009. Mulch will be available to spread around new trees and wood carpet will be delivered for volunteers to spread under play structures and swings. Flyers have been created and distributed.
3.2 Pavers at entrances to Hays Park – Per Jeri’s e-mail of 5/7, Council approved the project and she is contacting the contractor that won the bid to see if pricing is still valid and whether we can schedule the work.
3.3 Belmont Park

3.3.1 Replacement toy – Board decided to wait and see if the Hays Park project would be approved before moving forward with replacement toy(s).

3.3.2 Replacement for wood carpet – Board discussed possible alternatives for replacing wood carpet, which needs to be renewed annually. Rubber mats or shredded rubber are possibilities.

Action item: Fred and Khalil to research alternatives to wood carpet for 2010.

3.4 Marlyn Park

3.4.1 Stone swale request – Neighbors of Marlyn Park have requested that the stone swale around the exit pipe that flowed under the Boy Scout bridge that was removed be re-installed in a manner that will handle the outflow from the streets above the park.

Action item: Joe Urban to relay request to Marlyn Park Master Site Plan Committee and Environmental Committee for review.

3.4.2 Meadow – Board discussed the idea of leaving parts of Marlyn and other passive parks as meadow. It was agreed that this idea should be referred to the Marlyn Park Master Site Plan Committee for review.

Action item: Joe Urban to relay idea to Marlyn Park Master Site Plan Committee and Environmental Committee for review.

3.5 GGCA water connection funding request at island – The Board discussed and agreed that the ‘parklets’ in the Gladstone neighborhood are not parks, and therefore the request was denied. Board recommended that Council address the maintenance issues surrounding the ‘non-parks’ including the Gladstone ‘pocket parks,’ Borough Green, and Memorial Park. Depending on what Council decides, these spaces should be added to the Rec & Parks budget lists.

Action Item: Joe to raise issue of maintenance/oversight with Council.

3.6 Interborough Grant – Joe informed the Board that the Borough has applied for a grant, based on stimulus funds available, to handle water runoff at Union Avenue. Runoff would be routed to a recharge basin in Interborough Park and Yeadon Community Park.
3.7 Reservoir Park – Erosion issue around streambed.

Action Item: Fred to offer suggestions for erosion areas.

4. Recreation Department Park Management
4.1 One open Board position – Interview meeting to be held Monday, April 27.
4.2 Job descriptions for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary – To be discussed for inclusion in Board manual at next meeting.
4.3 Park Assessments / Issues

4.3.1 Wood carpet – Jeri ordered the wood carpet for the year for Belmont and Hays.

4.3.2 Sycamore Park – GLCA has offered to fund installation of water spigots in Sycamore

Action Item: Jeri to look into locks for the Sycamore spigots

Action Item: Jeri to oversee/delegate the spraying of the thistle around Sycamore

4.4 Sub-committees – Sub-committees to be created on an as-needed basis.
4.5 Action item list – Task list will be maintained to keep track of ongoing/outstanding action items.
4.6 Event assessments

Action Item: Barry and Dawn to work up event assessment form.

5. Borough Council Report, Joe Urban
5.1 Marlyn Park Master Site Planning Committee – is in process of being formed by Borough Council to work on all Marlyn Park issues.
Action Item: Joe to forward names of members of new committee once it is formed.
5.2 Union AA Fundraiser, April 25 – Joe reminded the Board about the fundraiser for the 4th of July event.
5.3 Town-wide Yard Sale – May 9th
5.4 Memorial Day 5K

6. Calendar of Events
6.1 First Park Appreciation/Clean-up Day: Belmont Park – May 17, 2009, 2-4pm

7. Recreation and Parks Board Budget Report, Jeri Staiber
7.1 Recreational events have been advertised are being signed up
7.2 Arbor Day event was a success

8. Park Usage Request
8.1 Sycamore Park wedding scheduled May 30th. Jeri sprayed the thistle. No Board involvement necessary.

Action Item: Jeri will schedule the Borough workers to clean up the park.

9. Next Board Meeting – Monday, May 18, 7:00p.m. at Reservoir Park

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