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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Human Relations Commission Minutes

June 20, 2010

Joan Reivich, Chairperson, Fran Wayne, Vice-Chair, Dale Cranmer, Secretary, Paul Manns, Borough Council Member, Michael Schleigh

Absent: Pamela Whitney

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by the Chair.
  2. Motion to accept minutes from the May meeting was unanimously accepted.
  3. We received a response from Pastor David Braneky regarding the fall meeting of the Lansdowne clergy. We would like to offer a presentation on hate crimes, presented by Jeremy Burton, from the regional HRC. Possible dates are September 14 or October 12.
  4. Community Day at the Farmer’s Market-June 26, 9 AM – 1 PM. We will consider sharing space with NPFH. (Dale: we found out the next day there was no space available. Please note.)
  5. Consideration of goals for next year:
    • More exposure for the commission
    • Promotion of more community interaction
  6. Possible ways to achieve our goals:
    • Progressive dinner; dinners between 2 parties
    • Multi-cultural food festival
    • International Music Festival
    • Former Hate Group Speaker Forum
    • Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Forum
    • Lansdowne’s connection to the underground railroad
    • Pertinent Lansdowne history discussions
    • Redesign brochure to be more inviting-review now and send suggestions to all commissioners by July 9.
    • Develop a poster
    • Ethnic Baby Poster
    • Articles in local publication
    • Outreach to Churches and Social Concerns Committees
    • Outreach to Good Neighbors Club
    • Library display case
    • Program presentation to the business association
    • TV ad during the Borough Council Meeting
  7. Commission members will meet with the Public Safety Committee on August 11, 2010. 7 pm ALL ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND
  8. Mr. Schleigh provided information on submitting applications for Grants. The Borough Manager has this information and can complete the application.
  9. Mr. Schleigh expressed concern regarding new immigrant groups in Lansdowne and their use of public services. He requests the LHRC contact clergy in the community to determine if the immigrant community is comfortable using all available services.
  10. Motion to adjourn at 8:14 PM
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