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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Human Relations Commission Minutes

August 19, 2010

Joan Reivich, Chairperson, Fran Wayne, Vice-Chair, Dale Cranmer, Secretary, Pamela Whitney
Absent: Paul Manns

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by the Chair.
  2. Motion to accept minutes from the June meeting was unanimously accepted.
  3. Dale met with the Lansdowne Public Safety Committee last week. He communicated the LHRC’s interest in becoming more connected to the Police department in order to learn/understand what is going on in the community. Perhaps we can use this information to target and prepare our educational forums.
  4. The police chief invited all of the commissioners to spend some time on patrol with one of the officers in order to learn more about the community. This will also assist us in developing a closer relationship with the police.
  5. Focus on community outreach-should we narrow our focus on certain issues and groups? How can we reach these groups, such as immigrants? We need to make them aware of their rights and make sure they are getting borough services.
  6. Outreach to Lansdowne Ministers-we need to contact the leaders of the Lansdowne ministers to arrange a discussion on Hate Crimes. Joan will contact Pastor Nancy at the Presbyterian Church to arrange a date. Joan will also discuss our efforts to reach the immigrants living in Lansdowne.
  7. Decision was made to consider publishing the next LHRC brochures in multiple languages, pending the determination of need.
  8. Community Day-August 28;table will be staffed from 9-1 [] ; Joan 9-10, Dale 10-12; Fran 11:30-1
  9. December 12 is the due date for the next Borough Newsletter. We can do a brief article in multiple languages. Pam will give it a go but will need assistance with the translations.
  10. Motion to adjourn at 8 PM.
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