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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Board of Health
Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2010

The regular monthly meeting of the Lansdowne Board of Health was held on Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 7:00 pm. in Borough Hall. Present were Bertha Phillips, Betsy Riffert and Mike McCall, Council Liaison Schleigh and new member Marla Shawaryn McLaughlin, Ph.D. Absent was Dr. Romney.


The January minutes were approved as submitted.


No bills to approve. Inspector Spangler is out on medical leave.

Health Officer’s Report

No report to approve, see above.

Old Business

  1. Home Based Businesses: This ordinance is scheduled to go in front of the Public Safety Committee for their input tomorrow evening, 3/10. Status will be given at our May meeting, as there is no April meeting.
  2. William Penn School District Letter: Ms. Hummel is interceding and requesting Mr. Otto report. Status. Ms. Riffert will report in May.
  3. Public Health Initiative: Ms. Riffert received Homeless Service Resources Guides from the Homeless Services Coalition of Delaware County. Each Board member received a scanned copy via email. Those without email will get it USPS. Further discussions will be held on this topic.

New Business

  1. 2010 Licensing Fees: Ms. Riffert reported that to date, 6 Public Eating and Drinking establishments and 13 Retail Food establishments have been received. I’ve left messages for those establishments who haven’t sent in their fee, just as a friendly reminder.
  2. Al Them: The Board discussed some sort of special plaque for Al Them, for his decade plus commitment to the Board.
  3. Carl Spangler: The Board ok’d sending Mr. Spangler flowers/plant, letting him know that we’re thinking of him.


7:20pm. Next meeting May 11, 2010

Respectfully submitted,
Betsy Riffert, Secretary

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