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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Meeting Minutes
Board of Health
January 13, 2009

The regular monthly meeting of the Lansdowne Board of Health was held on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 7:00 pm. at Borough Hall. Present were Betsy Riffert, Dr. Romney and Al Them. Absent were Council liaison Sharon Coleman , Bertha Phillips and Mike McCall.


The November 2008 minutes were approved as presented.


The Health Officer’s November invoice for $400 and his December invoice for $360 were approved for payment.

Health Officer’s Report:

The Health Officer’s reports for November and December were approved as submitted. A discussion was held regarding Regency Café’s new location.

Old Business:

1. Ardmore Avenue Elementary School and Penn Wood High School Cafeterias: Ms. Riffert did not draft the letter that was to have been sent to the School District, outlining the Health Officer’s notes of October, stating a chronic dishwasher problem at both schools, as well as a chronic problem with the food warmer at the elementary school. She stated that it would be best to wait until after the Health Officer re-inspects in January, read his report, and then contact the School District if issues still exist. The Board will go over the Officer’s reports at their next meeting on February 10, 2009.

2. Betsy Riffert, Secretary, was reappointed to serve another 5 year term. This reappointment occurred at the Council’s January 7, 2009 meeting.

New Business:

1. President Al Them stated that when his term expires on 12/31/09, he will not be seeking to be reappointed. He will notify the Council Liaison closer to December.

2. Ms. Riffert presented the Board with the Annual Report for the PA Dept. of Health that she prepared. It will be mailed.

3. Inspections: Home based businesses being inspected by PA Dept of Health vs. the Borough. Ms. Riffert stated that she received a call from Ms. Gresh regarding “The Greenwood Kitchen” which will be located in her home at 285 W. Greenwood. She stated that she’s already been inspected by the Commonwealth and paid their fee. She wanted to know why she had to pay the Board’s fee, since she already got her business inspected by the Commonwealth and already paid a fee.

The Board discussed this issue and many points were raised:

1. We can allow home-based businesses to be inspected by the Commonwealth, but that raises the issue of complaints. Do we defer all issues to the Commonwealth and let them handle since they inspected? Ms. Riffert will check with Officer Spangler and report back to the Board.

2. Why do home-based business get inspected by the Commonwealth at all? Public eating and drinking facilities don’t. Is it required by the homeowner’s insurance carrier need? Ms. Riffert will check and report back to Board.

3. Should the Board state to home-based business that inspections are by borough ordinance and it is our civic responsibility to inspect all businesses? It’s either we inspect all known businesses or we don’t. We can’t pick and choose.

The Board will discuss this further at their February meeting.


7:56pm. Next meeting to be held on February 10, 2009 at 7:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Betsy Riffert

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