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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Board of Health
Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2011

The regular monthly meeting of the Lansdowne Board of Health was held on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 7:00 pm. in Borough Hall. Present were Betsy Riffert, Dr. McLaughlin, President McCall and Mrs. Phillips. Absent were Dr. Romney and Council Liaison Schleigh.

The January minutes were reviewed and accepted as written.

The Health Officer’s January invoice was presented for payment and approved.

Health Officer’s Report
The Health Officer’s January report was approved as submitted.

Old Business

  1. Public Health Initiative: Dr. McLaughlin is in the continual process of gathering and sorting through information. We feel that once the Library Director is hired, we can move in a productive manner with “in-service” meetings for the Library staff, and getting general information out to other locations where those in need tend to gather.
  2. House Bill 174 (Retail food safety act). Information pertaining to these ‘new’ guidelines was distributed. Ms. Riffert remembers this ‘act’ information coming across the Board’s way a few years ago and has asked Mr. Them for his recollection. Ms. Riffert will report his findings. A discussion was held regarding what this bill really means to the Borough, and what, if anything, the Borough will have to do differently once the state’s guidelines officially go into effect. Health Inspector Cooke has attended a meeting (notes in her report to the Board of January 2011) and will continue to keep us informed. Ms. Cooke did mention that one area of change for the Borough would be that the state wants all reports to be sent to them, so they can hold them in a centralized data base, by county. Information is still coming into Ms. Cooke about deadlines, etc.

New Business

  1. 2011 Licensing of Businesses. Ms. Riffert reported that each establishment has been sent their renewal paperwork. Unfortunately, this paperwork was sent out before she received Ms. Cooke’s suggestion about asking the establishment who hold the food safety certification. Ms. Riffert will be calling each establishment and requesting that a copy of each certificate be sent to the Borough
  2. Annual Report of the Local Board of health/PA Department of Health. Ms. Riffert received the 2010 report that will be completed and reviewed by the Board, prior to mailing.

7:30pm. Next meeting February 8, 2011

Respectfully submitted
Betsy Riffert, Secretary

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